Our Menu


Our waffle-batter is egg-free and made of a classic Swedish recipe that has been prepared the day before with sparkling water to enhance the crispy texture and as well for the best taste experience.

Classic Waffle

Homemade Raspberry/ Strawberry jam & whipped cream

NutellaBanana Waffle

Nutella & banana, whipped cream & chocolate syrup 

Matcha Waffle

Japanese green tea flavor, banana, whipped cream & sesame seed with matcha syrup   

Savory Waffles

Salty waffles to suit all occasions. Combination with the sweet and salty we think gives an umami experience. 

All the savory waffles are presented with sallad

Salmon Waffle

Smoked salmon with horseradish cream, lemon & parsley as garnish

Norrlands Waffle

Mushroom mix with lingonberry

Japanese quiona waffle

Quinoa sallad with sauteed zucchini and mushroom, sugarsnaps. Garnished with sesame seeds & nori and drizzled with miso dressing 

Shrimp mix

peeled shrimp from the house in a creme fraiche mix of homemade mayonnaise, dill & caviar.

Create your own Waffle

Let creativity set its limits. We offer various toppings for your waffle.

Homemade Swedish Ice Cream 

Vanilla / Matcha





Chocolate / Caramel/ Matcha 

Fresh Fruit

Rasberry / Banana 


All our pastries have been baked with the best ingredients in Klockargårdens church school for a genuine and tasty experience


Apple / Rhubarb with homemade vanilla sauce

Sticky chocolate cake

Traditional Swedish sticky chocolate cake, served in soufflé  

Chocolate ball   

Coconut / Granulated Sugar

Cheese cake with berries

Raspberry / Strawberry


We serve both brewed coffee and espresso coffee of the best quality.

Brewed coffe

with seconds


single / double 

Cafe Latte

smal cup 1 part espresso & 3 part steamed milk


1 part espresso, 1 part steamed milk & 1 part foamed milk


1 part espresso served with hot water on the side


Black Tea

Rooibos Tea

Green Tea

Cold Beverages

Nygårda fizzy beverages 

Cola / Cola light / Orange soda / Raspberry / Peer / fizzy lemonade 


Light Beer